Toothless Wonder and Other News

-This is how I always envisioned Steelers fans to look(

-Brock Lesnar once suplexed a Chiefs player during a training camp practice(

-The Arizona Cardinals may be setting themselves up for some harassment charges(

-A Vikings fan trolls the Packers shareholder meeting at Lambeau Field(

-Cowboys CB Orlando Scandrick is a sucker for punishment(


Off-season Training and Other News

-J.J. Watt is learning some new moves during the off-season(

-Former Saint Junior Galette just torched some bridges leaving town(

-LeSean McCoy had to put his harem recruitment party on hold(

-Former Titans RB Chris Johnson always did have trouble going in a straight line(

-This is how NFL assistant coaches should behave(

Rock Star and Other News

-This might make the NFL more interesting to watch(

-This is why Peyton Manning gets all the endorsement opportunities(

-Catching bullets is not how you want your rookie WR to get ready for the season(

-This Giants fan is sticking it to Daniel Snyder and the Redskins(

-NFL owners should be more worried about actual concussions(

Off-season Podcast #12 2015

Boyd and Marlon discuss some of the latest developments from around the NFL, and update the players with too much time on their hands.

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Off-season Podcast #12 2015

Head Case and Other News

-The Raiders continue to rob their fans(

-Bills RB LeSean McCoy is trying to assemble a harem(

-This is why Roger Goodell shouldn’t be judge and jury(

-I think I would call this album “Domestic Violence”(

-It’s a good thing Charles Haley made this statement(

Dirty Dancing and Other News

-You would think HOFer Jerry Rice could do better(

-The hits just keep coming from Rob Gronkowski(

-Cleveland; city of lights, city of magic(

-Everyone in Seattle has jumped on the Seahawks bandwagon(

-Darrelle Revis slams former Jets QB Mark Sanchez(

Survey Says and Other News

-The Gronkowskis’ are not very good at Family Feud(

-Titans WR Justin Hunter will probably be an ex-Titan soon(

-This ride pretty much sums up Jay Cutler’s career(

-Is that all?(

-Cam Newton finally won another title(

Size Doesn’t Matter and Other News

-Being 5′ 8″ tall doesn’t matter if you’re this athletic(

-Super Bowl hero Malcolm Butler has some fun with a TMZ reporter(

-A lesson to all men; make sure your side piece isn’t crazy(

-Arian Foster is a text book example of how pro athletes should act(

-You can go home again(

Pet Peeves and Other News

-Remember, never leave a Honey Badger in your car on a hot summer day(

-ESPY host Joel McHale cracks wise at Russell Wilson and the Seahawks(

-Never take medical advice from a HOF NFL quarterback(

-Don’t press send!(

-Is J.J. Watt thinking of opening a fertility clinic?(