Cake Boss and Other News

-The Gronk family vacation hit Las Vegas over the weekend(

-New Bills coach Rex Ryan isn’t trying to be inconspicuous(

-Which comic book character is your favorite NFL player most like?(

-Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?(

-Did former Ravens RB Ray Rice contemplate suicide?(

Problem Child and Other News

-Cowboys WR Dez Bryant as given entitled athletes something to strive for(

-This is how I felt when the Titans released Eddie George(

-Aaron Hernandez should have tipped more if he didn’t want people to talk(

-Glad to see that Packers fans won’t be lumped in with Eagles fans(

-Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski wants the ladies to know he is still available(


Do As I Say, Not As I Do and Other News

-Cardinals DE Darnell Dockett has some good advice for this youth fb team(

-Would you be this calm after swimming 16 hours?(

-Cowboys Alumni are now trying to get some publicity over the supposed Dez Bryant video(

-If you build it, will they come?(

-It looks like Peyton Manning is losing even more strength in his arm(

40 Yards Old and Other News

-NFL Network host Rich Eisen is getting slower in his old age(

-Time to burn your Adrian Peterson jerseys Vikings fans(

-The NFL is blackmailing another city into building a new stadium(

-The NFL Combine has just become an advertising vehicle for the NFL(

-Is Michael Sam going to “shuffle off to Buffalo”?(

Finger-Licking Good and Other News

-Patriots coach Bill Belichick, finger-licking good(

-Apparently a picture isn’t worth a thousand words at the NFL Combine(

-Could Cowboys WR Dez Bryant be the next Ray Rice?(

-At least Matt Millen made one good decision as Lions GM(

-Here’s how you know your chance of being drafted might be in the crapper(

Torch. O and Other News

-Comedian Daniel Tosh puts a torch to the Patriots legacy(

-Who is Redskins QB Robert Griffin III’s trainer?(

-HOFer Warren Sapp is now an amateur filmmaker(

-This Ferrari now has the same value as a Yugo(

-Broncos TE Julius Thomas has daddy issues(

Off-season Podcast #1 2015

Boyd and Marlon discuss the scapegoating going on in Green Bay and update the Titans recent off-season news.

Listen here:

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Off-season Podcast #1 2015

Snap Chat and Other News

-Packers QB doesn’t care about winning another Super Bowl(NSFW)(

-Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin’s pooping td celebration was dropped on a certain “island”(

-Apparently Brennan Clay wasn’t so chill about his wife’s affair with Demarco Murray(

-This was Redskins QB Robert Griffin III biggest contribution this year(

-HOFer Warren Sapp might have some trouble sleeping now(


Patriotic and Other News

-Karma bites Patriots DT Vince Wilfork in the ass(

-Can you believe this guy became the best QB in football history(

-Patriots DE Chandler Jones has hired a trainer for his fight against his brother Jon “Bones” Jones(

-Titans TE Delanie Walker had a very exciting Valentine’s Day(

-How long could you go without finding out who won the Super Bowl?(