Haters Gonna Hate and Other News

-Boston radio personality Kirk Minihane is proposing murder to remove Roger Goodell from power(sn.com)

-Tom Brady wants Roger Goodell to apologize to him(bso.com)

-This certainly didn’t take too long(to.com)

-Redskins PR hack Tony Wyllie can’t seem to answer the simplest question(deadspin.com)

-Than why did they sign the contract?(sportsnaut.com)


Off-season Podcast #16 2015

Boyd and Marlon discuss the penultimate episode of Hard Knocks, and recap a successful week of pre-season NFL gambling.  Oh yeah, and we got the Brady ruling right.

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Off-season Podcast #16 2015

Hurricane Warning and Other News

-Eagles QB Sam Bradford doesn’t know the difference between a hurricane and a Hurricane(youtube.com)

-Texans DT Vince Wilfork moved to Texas and became a farmer(twitter.com/nfl)

-Patriots fans are digging deep(sob.com)

-Did ESPN reporter Dianna Russini use oral sex to get scoops from the Redskins?(bso.com)

-Are the Jaguars afraid of losing Justin Blackmon to the CFL?(lbs.com)

Selling Rainbows and Other News

-Marshawn Lynch went somewhere without the threat of being fined(youtube.com)

-Victor Cruz plays “good cop” with one of his buddies(tmz.com)

-Andrew Luck may have to trim his beard before the season starts(youtube.com)

-This is the first piece of positive journalism on the Titans in three years(bso.com)

-Apparently Adrian Peterson had fun during is year off from the NFL(tmz.com)

Deny, Deny, Deny and Other News

-I wonder if the NFL will try and deny that this movie exists?(youtube.com)

-Troy Aikman thinks the Redskins are more dysfunctional than reality tv stars(msn.com)

-I wonder how much the NFL charged for this “touching” moment(youtube.com)

-This “walk of shame” is the worst kind of “walk of shame”(deadspin.com)

-Can we please stop holding the Steelers up as a model NFL franchise?(bso.com)

Head Games and Other News

-Odell Beckham Jr. is Head & Shoulders above the competition(youtube.com)

-Nothing to see here, just the Browns being the Browns(bso.com)

-At least Seahawks DE Frank Clark is punching a man this time(deadspin.com)

-I feel sorry for Redskins fan being stuck with Daniel Snyder(espn.com)

-Unfortunately our fantasy draft wasn’t quite as good as Kevin Federline’s(to.com)


Diarrhea Of The Mouth and Other News

-This is one of the most appealing things that have ever come out of Brian Cushing’s mouth(hbo.com)

-ESPN is planning a 3o for 30 on the Houston Texans(youtube.com)

-Bills LB I.K. Enemkpali likes spending time on Facebook(deadspin.com)

-Redskins futility represented in jersey form(bso.com)

-Apparently this is the only way the Jets can sell jerseys now(sob.com)

Off-season Podcast #15 2015

Boyd and Marlon recap episode 3 of Hard Knocks and throw a couple of darts at some pre-season games.


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Off-season Podcast #15 2015

The Fresh Prince and Other News

-Packers WR Randall Cobb always seemed like more of a Carleton(bso.com)

-Maybe Aaron Rodgers can help Jordy Nelson some preferential treatment(youtube.com)

-Former Dolphins OL Jonathan Martin may have had more problems than Richie Incognito(deadspin.com)

-This report is why I am glad I work for myself(foxbusiness.com)

-Russell Wilson is now hawking something called “Recovery Water”(sob.com)


Smoove Operators and Other News

-Computer companies are now trying to sell computers using fantasy football(youtube.com)

-Former Steelers coach Bill Cowher is mocking his own Super Bowl title(youtube.com)

-If only Cris Carter’s message would have been presented sooner(msn.com)

-The Madden ’16 Aaron Rodgers could be a character on “The Walking Dead”(sob.com)

-How do you go from Madden cover athlete to out of the NFL in 4 years?(bleacherreport.com)