Giving Money To Charity and Other News

-Chiefs Jamaal Charles doesn’t seem to have a firm grip on his finances(

-This kid will be more OL than LB when he grows up(

-Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul may have “blown up” his chances for a good season(

-Andrew should probably try and “Quarrel-less”(

-NFL Players were celebrating the 4th Of July this past weekend(


Benched and Other News

-More proof the NFL doesn’t have PED problem(

-Daryl “Moose” Johnston is busy handing out some nicknames(

-The “Gates” will be closed in San Diego for 4 weeks(

-The Chargers have an interesting requirement in their latest job posting(

-Could you please take up your complaint with your union rep, thank you(


Duty Calls and Other News

-Call of Duty gets the Beast Mode treatment(

-Oh Russell, the way you make me feel, knocks me off my feet(

-I think this football is more entertaining than the CFL(

-DeSean Jackson felt he was treated like a pap test on his way out of Philadelphia, smeared(

-The NFL arrest summer season has already started with a bang(

Off-season Podcast #10 2015

Boyd and Marlon get back to what they do best, or at least adequately, and that is betting on the NFL.  We take a look at the potential division winners and make our picks for the year.

Listen here:

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Off-season Podcast #10 2015

Taste The Rainbow and Other News

-Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch tried to take a Skittles bath on Conan(

-This attitude is why the NFLPA keeps getting screwed over in labor negotiations(

-This is how you know it is a dead period in the NFL news cycle(

-Michael Sam left the Alouettes because of a broken heart(

-NFL players generally don’t make great business partners(

Stage Dive and Other News

-J.J. Watt is giving Rob Gronkowski a run for his money(

-Vince Wilfork and his wife get down to some Method Man(

-Would you like to be paid to dig up dirt on NFL players and personnel?(

-49ers TE Vernon Davis is really bad at Family Feud(

-Tom Brady won’t be the last SB MVP winner to give away his car(


Gronk Rock and Other News

-Do you think Gronk might be a bit intoxicated?(

-Nobody wants a piece of J.J. Watt, even on the ice(

-Just remember he his throwing from 45 feet away(

-Aaron Rodgers walks softly, swings a big stick(

-The NFL doesn’t look like they will have a “blank space” during the SB half-time show(

Wedded Bliss and Other News

-Lions QB Matthew Stafford knows that “a happy wife is a happy life”(

-NFL bust Matt Leinart is making a name for himself in flag football(

-Maybe this is why HBO’s new show “Ballers” isn’t very good(

-The most famous Jaguar in history is finally retiring(

-Is HOFer Warren Sapp thinking of making a comeback as a kicker?(

Crybabies and Other News

-An ode to the Seahawks 12th man(

-Some of Aaron Rodgers friends can be complete asses(

-This is why I welcome women in any fantasy draft(

-Did the Broncos really try and trade Peyton Manning?(

-When did Rob Gronkowski get his medical degree?(


Bus It and Other News

-Russell Wilson is still just a kid at heart(

-Calvin Johnson is hopping on the Jordan Spieth bandwagon(

-DeMarco Murray’s wedding reception turned into a scene from a movie(

-I wonder if God made him throw that interception in the Super Bowl?(

-I always knew you should never trust a long snapper(