Money, Money, Money and Other News

-Colts owner Jim Irsay is trying to rebuild his reputation $100 at a time(

-This was an awful attempt at humor(

-Patriots fans are still finding a way to troll Jets fans(

-I am surprised that the Browns are surprised about Johnny Manziel’s off-field antics(

-Even Browns fans know what Johnny Manziel is all about(


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Soul Train and Other News

-Lions TE Joseph Fauria’s failed Soul Train audition tape(

-There might be a “Bad Moon” Rison over Jaguars WR Justin Blackmon(

-The NFL Network refers to Ray Rice’s suspension as “the iron fist of the NFL” (sic)(

-The Vikings fan were clamoring for single game tickets this week(

-Is former Bears coach Mike Ditka running around L.A. shooting peacocks(

Wayne Manner and Other News

-Reggie Wayne definitely knows how to make an entrance(

-Bills WR Sammy Watkins is in mid-season form(

-Former Redskins TE truly is a “dirt” bag(

-Former NBA player John Amaechi explains Tony Dungy’s views perfectly(

-Former NFL QB Matt Leinart is trying to start a fight with Superman(

Gunslinger and Other News

-Vice Sports investigates “the shot that changed my life”(

-It’s a good thing this 49ers fan is fat, it kept him from hitting his face on the pavement(

-Tony Dungy now says the media is the reason he wouldn’t draft Michael Sam, sure it is(

-Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch is always on the inside of the velvet ropes(

-Panthers DE Greg Hardy is trying to end one stereotype about black men NSFW(


Ball Handling and Other News

-Bengals QB Andy Dalton may have hoop dreams(

-Would Tony Dungy endorse not drafting a player based on their religious beliefs?(

-Titans rookie QB Zack Mettenberger might have a problem reading defenses(

-Basketball Wives bit-player signs contract with the Cowboys(

-Apparently this is the world we are living in right now(


Overrating and Other News

-This years NFL rookies humbled by their Madden 15 ratings(

-Cowboys owner Jerry Jones might have to build another new stadium now(

-Saints DC Rob Ryan sure knows how to have a good time at the airport(

-My guess is Ravens long snapper Morgan Cox has a side piece(

-I doubt the Eagles are going to get any breaks from the officials this year(


Ngata Problem and Other News

-More evidence NFL players are better than you(

-If you party as much as Browns QB Johnny Manziel, car commercials are not a great idea(

-Follow T.O.’s advice and you too could have 5 baby mamas(

-Redskins owner Daniel Snyder is trying to bribe Native Americans now(

-This 49ers fan will be on a future episode of “Bad Ink”(


Ain’t Saying She a Gold Digger and Other News

-49ers QB Colin Kaepernick’s explains his gold digger wishlist(

-Seahawks S Earl Thomas apparently doesn’t like being compared to Richard Sherman(

-DirecTV may be losing its monopoly on NFL Sunday Ticket(

-Deion Sanders wasn’t a “prime time” educator(

-Former Eagles DE Hugh Douglas discusses the reason he was fired from ESPN(


Striking Out and Other News

-Vikings RB Adrian Peterson is no “Prime Time” Deion Sanders(

-Lions DE Ndamukong Suh gets punked on American Muscle(

-Panthers DE end Greg Hardy has a strong pimp hand(

-Why would anyone ever want to read 32,000 words about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?(

-Former Lions WR Titus Young is getting back into fighting shape(