World Wide Leader? and Other News

-I don’t think this is the image that the “World Wide Leader” wants to portray(

-Bears G Matt Slauson ranks the NFL’s ten best beards(facial hair, not gf’s)(

-Rob Gronkowski wants to be the next two-sport “Superstar”(

-Here is the NFL’s all-time All-Con offensive team(

-Tony Romo should probably stick to playing football(

Off-season Podcast #5 2015

Boyd and Marlon discuss the potential trade of Chargers QB Phillip Rivers and update the players with “Too Much Time On Their Hands”.


Listen here:

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Off-season Podcast #5 2015

Book Germs and Other News

-Aaron Hernandez jurors don’t seem too interested in a book deal(

-Almost 20% of NFL players are broke within 12 years of retiring(

-Is Eli Manning smart enough to use an automated home management system?(

-Rob Gronkowski is trying to be a “Guitar Hero” now(

-Here’s an example of how sports can make you look racist(

Minor League and Other News

-This makes sense; Bills coach Rex Ryan is coaching in a minor league town(

-Comparing an 8th grader to Calvin Johnson might be a bit of a reach(

-Reebok is now using J.J. Watt cellphone video for their commercials now(

-I hope Panthers S Roman Harper doesn’t get cut this year(

-I wonder if ESPN analyst Jon Gruden would feel the same way if he was still a coach?(

Mojo Rawley and Other News

-Is Rob Gronkowski setting up his WWE career?(

-A video tribute to Browns QB Johnny Manziel getting out of rehab(

-Former NFL RB Lawrence Phillips isn’t really a model prisoner(

-Patriots QB Tom Brady looks like every country club douche ever(

-Chargers fans might be crying a Rivers of tears come draft day(


Ballers and Other News

-Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?(

-Jets CB Darrelle Revis doesn’t understand that you can’t beat a troll(

-Insert your own Darren Sharper dick joke here(

-The Titans are essentially a homeless persons New England Patriots(

-Lions QB Matthew Stafford thought of everything for his wedding guests(

Out Boxed and Other News

-Eagles LB Connor Barwin is tyring to “out box” Texans DE J.J. Watt(

-Some journalists may be dumber than the athletes they cover(

-If I was an NFL player I think I would drive a better car than this(

-Seahawsk DB Michael Bennett still thinks his new teammate Jimmy Graham is soft(

Entrepreneurial Spirit and Other News

-Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch is now an entrepreneur(


-What is it that makes football players bad pet owners?(

-I guess it isn’t always about the ring(

-Broncos CB Aqib Talib might have to rent a car to get around Dallas now(

-Former NFL DB Darren Sharper proves being famous protects you from almost anything(

Madden Ratings and Other News

-At least Raiders QB Derek Carr can have some fun during the off-season(

-Former Ravens RB Ray Rice is using Ray Lewis’ strategy¬†to get his job back(

-The Browns new jerseys are as ugly as their play has been in recent years(

-Former Giants safety Will Allen is not a shrewd investment manager(

-Never bite the hand that is arresting you(


Knockerball and Other News

-Panthers QB Cam Newton knew how to spend his Easter Sunday(

-I always knew the NFL drug testing policy was a joke(

-Who knew an NFL player could have a sense of humor(

-Lions QB Matthew Stafford participated in the “Beer Olympics” this weekend(

-Seahawks CB Richard Sherman picked up a part-time job for the off-season(