Tackling Dummy and Other News

-This is the best football player in the WWE(youtube.com)

-The NFL may actually have a good idea(deadspin.com)

-NFL players don’t want Michael Sam to speak for them(tmz.com)

-Packers QB Aaron Rodgers roasts a Twitter troll(terezowens.com)

-The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders are going Norwegian for this years calendar(terezowens.com)


Two G.O.A.T.s and Other News

-Even Patriots QB Tom Brady wants to be like Mike(vine.co)

-Giselle must have told Tom Brady to go jump off a cliff(facebook.com)

-Former Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez has a devoted fiance(deadspin.com)

-Vikings fans are wondering what the hell is a Babatunde Aiyegbusi?(sob.com)

-It looks like the Saints are going to be making another roster move(sportsnaut.com)


That’s Just Ludacris and Other News

-Rapper Ludarcris has a new muse(youtube.com)

-The Gronk Twerk Tour landed in Miami(deadspin.com)

-Sideline reporters of today are not this interesting(deadspin.com)

-Vikings fans don’t think much of their teams legacy(sportressofblogitude.com)

-Texan DE J.J. Watt drops a “bomb” on Seahawks QB Russell Wilson(sportsnaut.com)

Arm Rasslin’ and Other News

-Jimmy Kimmels cousin Sal takes on three NFL stars, and wins(youtube.com)

-The Ravens are sore losers(twitter.com/ravens)

-Lions TE Eric Ebron is lobbying to be more involved in the passing game(sportsnaut.com)

-Was former Bengals WR Chad Johnson trying to buy an invite to b’day party(bso.com)

-Giants coach Tom Coughlin is showing his age(sportressofblogitude.com)

I Wanna Be Like Mike and Other News

-Bucs WR Mike Evans is just interested in getting some air(tmz.com)

-Patriots QB Tom Brady may have sand stuck in all the wrong places(pfz.com)

-If I am the Browns, I want all the publicity I can get(sportsnaut.com)

-Sometimes you need to stick to the job you’re best suited for(bso.com)

-It looks like the Titans are really trying to inflate Mariota’s draft stock(lbs.com)

Oklahomaed and Other News

-Remember, you need to get lower than the ball carrier(vine.com)

-This woman could teach the NFL a thing or two(twitter.com/dollface)

-This Saints fan has taken grooming to a whole new level(sportsnaut.com)

-Vikings RB Adrian Peterson is just getting lame now(deadspin.com)

-Apparently ex-Titans RB Chris Johnson’s friends aren’t “ride or die”(bso.com)


Gettin’ Johnny With It and Other News

-This is Johnny Football’s club entrance music(youtube.com)

-Rams DL Aaron Donald shows his dad some love(tmz.com)

-Ravens linemen John Urschel is the best mathlete in NFL(deadspin.com)

-I wonder if this Eli Manning fan used permanent ink?(pfz.com)

-Former Chargers LB Shawne Merriman might be a little backed-up(bso.com)

Cowboy Up and Other News

-This should be the NFL’s domestic violence commercial(youtube.com)

-Cowboys QB Tony Romo thinks Jerry Jones isn’t long for this Earth(youtube.com)

-HOFer Warren Sapp made a strange choice for his life coach(tmz.com)

-Former Ravens LB Ray Lewis is not a savvy investor(pfz.com)

-Colts LB Erik Walden might have to use better judgement when selecting a partner(https://www.youtube.com/embed/uEAELJaI7GY” target=”_blank”>bso.com)

Ball Boys and Other News

-Jets WR Eric Decker is proof that white guys can’t jump(youtube.com)

-Former Ravens RB Bernard Pierce is a psychic(deadspin.com)

-I think Colts owner Jim Irsay has lost his battle with sobriety(deadspin.com)

-The NFL apparently doesn’t understand how to protect itself from lawsuits(pfz.com)

-Texans DE J.J. Watt cannot be held up(bso.com)

Off-season Podcast #3 2015

Boyd and Marlon discuss the sudden retirement of 49er LB Chris Borland, the Eagles and Titans free agent moves and update the players with “Too Much Time On Their Hands”.

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Off-season Podcast #3 2015