Lip Service and Other News

-What are these NFL players talking about?(

-Could Chargers OL D.J. Fluker be eating his way out of the NFL?(

-Saints owner Tom Benson is a stone cold assassin(

-When will too much of a good thing become too much?(

-Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. is now be used as a promotional tool on Tinder(


Discounted and Other News

-Seahawks P Jon Ryan was auditioning for Aaron Rodgers’ endorsement deals(

-The ball boys in the NFL have never been given any respect(

-The NFL was aware of Tom Brady’s deflated balls before the Championship game ended(

-Patriots QB Tom Brady is not the only QB to have his balls finessed(

-This fan appears to be a little two-faced(

Happy Birthday To You and Other News

-Apparently football fans don’t always make the best parents(

-Football fans as parents really are the worst(

-This video is amazing, but I would prefer just to enjoy the moment without having to record it(

-At least I now know I’m not the only white guy that likes Tupac(

-The most important part of Super Bowl week is already underway(

NFL Picks Championship Weekend 2015 Recap

Boyd and Marlon recap their break-even Championship Weekend of NFL gambling.


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NFL Picks Championship Weekend 2015 Recap

We ‘Aight and Other News

-I think I agree more with Deion Sanders here than Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin(

-At least Packers fans were gracious in defeat after the NFC Championship game(

-Glad to see the Seahawks understand the importance of MLK Day(

-The Patriots are heroes to drunk women all across America(

-Packers QB Aaron Rodgers ex is taking some shots at him on Twitter(


Kearsed and Other News

-Seahawks WR Jermaine Kearse lived up to his name after his game winning catch(

-If only NFL pregame shows could be this entertaining(comedycentral)

-Glad to see this won’t be a playoff story anymore(

-I spent $900 on tickets, and all I got to do is watch the Patriots game on tv(

-I guess the “12th Man” doesn’t have much faith in the Seahawks(

Show Time and Other News

-Rob Gronkowski is going to be shopping a reality tv show very soon(

-The Green Bay Packers are a team of nerds(

-Answer this questionnaire and you could’ve been a juror during the Aaron Hernandez trial(

-The NFL will host a veterans combine, just to fill time on their own tv network(

-You don’t have to embarrass someone if you just want to call Eddie Lacy fat(

Terminated and Other News

-An Austrian tv station shows us how NFL commercials should be done(

-Former Ravens LB Ray Lewis is still infinitely hateable(

-“The 12th Man” is becoming a little too douchey(

-Ravens WR Steve Smith is planning for his career after football(

-Now Seahawks fans can literally take a bite out of the Packers(

NFL Picks Championship Weekend 2015

Boyd and Marlon go out on a limb with their picks for AFC and NFC Championship games.

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NFL Picks Championship Weekend 2015

Thank You, No Thank Me and Other News

-Broncos GM John Elway thanks himself for the Broncos season(

-If only the Falcons were as good as their web development team(

-Even shi**y NFL referees are people too(

-Panthers WR Steve Smith is still doing Steve Smith things(