Blown Coverage and Other News

-How come these stories never get as much coverage as Greg Hardy?(

-Even the referees aren’t immune to Cam Newton’s taunts(

-If I was an NFL player I wouldn’t live in South Florida(

-The NFL should really hire a new social media firm(

-HOF LB Ray Lewis is a phony shill(


Happy Thanksgiving to our American fans.  Gobble Gobble!

NFL Picks Week 12 2015

Boyd and Marlon make their remaining picks for week 12 of the 2015 season.

Picks of the Week

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NFL Picks Week 12 2015

NFL Picks Thanksgiving Day 2015

Boyd and Marlon make their turkey day picks for week 12 of the 2015 NFL season.

Picks of the Week

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NFL Picks Thanksgiving Day 2015

Dabbin Ain’t Easy and Other News

-ESPNs Chris Berman is like your uncle that tries way too hard to be cool(

-Tennessee is the new San Diego(

-This is the equivalent of “The dog ate my homework”(

-Could Browns fans be anymore pathetic?(

-The Patriots are the only team that would troll another teams coach during a game(

NFL Picks Week 11 Recap 2015

Boyd and Marlon recap their 3rd straight losing gambling week and wonder why the NFL even has a concussion protocol.

Image result for nfl week 11 around the nfl

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NFL Picks Week 11 Recap 2015

Rehab Is For Losers and Other News

-Johnny Manziel certainly took his rehab seriously(

-Cardinals QB Matt Barkley with a bad impression of a Village People band member(

-Get into the Christmas spirit early with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones(

-Why didn’t anyone strangle Packers WR James Jones by his hoodie?(

-Most photographers at NFL games don’t usually obstruct fans views(

Charged Up and Other News

-I don’t think this will make NFL Films Chargers season recap video(

-Panthers coach Ron Rivera has been getting dance lessons from Cam Newton(

-I’m guessing this guy doesn’t report on advanced analytics(

-I guess you need to have a sense of humor if you suck at your job(

-Let’s get Emojional(



Kids Say The Damndest Things and Other News

-Kids are, generally more perceptive than adults(

-Olivia Munn’s “white knight” has come to her rescue(

-Could this be the reason most athletes are “broke” after they retire?(

-RGIII is being compared to Cam Newton again(

-The pot calling the kettle black part 2(


Pizza Face and Other News

-I can’t believe J.J. Watt would embarrass himself like this on tv(

-ESPN analyst will continue to fake it til he makes it(

-Joseph Randle video tutorial on how to end your NFL career in 30 seconds(

-Dallas radio host take Jerry Jones to the wood shed(

-Rob Gronkowski likes to think of himself as a ladies man(

NFL Picks Week 11 2015

Boyd and Marlon make their picks for week 11 of the 2015 NFL season.

Picks of the Week

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NFL Picks Week 11 2015