Pee Soup and Other News

-Apparently urine is a good remedy for sprained ankles(

-Don’t worry folks, Andy Dalton found his suitcases(

-Even Cam Newton deserves a paper “trofy”(

-Athletes family members talking, never helps(

-If people want to be around celebrity this bad, they deserve to be taken to the cleaner(


I Got A Ring and Other News

-Von Miller and his teammates know how to celebrate their Super Bowl win(

-Michael Oher should be extremely upset with his equipment manager(

-Andy Dalton’s turnover problems aren’t just limited to footballs(

-Colin Kaepernick probably won’t be leaving the 49ers anytime soon(

-Is Terrell Owens finally speaking the truth?(

NFL Picks Super Bowl 50 Recap

Boyd and Marlon recap the big game and their successful and not so successful prop bets.

Around The NFL

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NFL Picks Super Bowl 50 Recap

Fig Newton and Other News

-Conan O’brien won the post Super Bowl media coverage(

-The best Super Bowl commercial you have never seen(

-NFL considering new injuy list designation: drunk(

-Cam Newton is getting the Rob Gronkowski treatment(

-Falcons owner Arthur Blank gets some shitty news(

Mad Grandpa and Other News

-This is the best fan reaction to their team losing the Super Bowl ever(

-A woman beater criticizing a lack of effort is kind of amusing(

-Johnny Manziel is just like every other entitled douche bag(

-LeSean McCoy and his boys beat up two off duty cops over a bottle of champagne(

-Why wouldn’t you pay $15 for a beer after you spent $5000 for a ticket?(


No Ordinary Joe and Other News

-Who knew Papa John’s could make a cool Super Bowl commercial?(

-This is how Denver’s first touchdown sounded in Germany(

-Did Marshawn Lynch tweet during the Super Bowl that he is retiring?(

-It’s hard being this good(

-The pot calling the kettle black part 3(


Gronksnotski and Other News

-Rob Gronksnotski in a wing eating contest(

-Rob Gronkowski takes his stripping in college story to another level(

-It’s that time of the year again: Super Bowl Superlatives(

-“The Freak” Jevon Kearse isn’t too impressed about getting served(

-The 10 worst Super Bowl commercials of the last 15 years(


First Stop, 7th Floor and Other News

-Panthers TE Greg Olsen was part of the 7th Floor Crew at the U, and they rapped about it(

-Nothing to see here, just HOFer Jerry Rice moonlighting as a Lyft driver(

-I don’t think Rob Gronkowski became a male stripper accidentally(

-An oral history of the final drive of Super Bowl 49(

-This Broncos fan might be the Greatest Of All Time(


NFL Picks Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets

Boyd and Marlon do their most fun podcast of the NFL season, their Super Bowl 50 prop bets.

Picks of the Week

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NFL Picks Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets

Getting Lippy and Other News

-Maybe I was wrong, I don’t need to know what they say on the field during the game(

-This will be Meek Mill’s least favorite Super Bowl commercial(

-This Browns fan has had it with “punk ass” Johnny Manziel(

-The NFL is continuing to leave pillaged city coffers in its wake(

-The biggest match-up of Super Bowl 50 will be on the sidelines(