Commercially Viable and Other News

-Let’s return to a simpler time in the history of the NFL(

-Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has had his hands full this off-season(

-Adrian Peterson is hoping God can help with his current contract situation(

-Texans DE J.J. Watt thinks his roach eating teammate will be the star of Hard Knocks(

-Ray McDonald’s lawyer is now making excuses for his second arrest(

Buttered Up and Other News

-Rob Gronkowski knows where his bread is buttered(

-Al Davis is probably burning in eternity somewhere, but not at the new Raiders stadium(

-Buccaneers DE George Johnson has gone to the dogs(

-Now Cowboys coach Jason Garrett will have more to “drone” on about(

-HBO will be filming the J.J. Watt reality show during training camp this season(

Not An American Ninja Warrior and Other News

-Seahawks P Jon Ryan does not dispel the myth that kickers are not athletes(

-Even Mick Jagger wants the Chargers to stay in San Diego(

-Dez Bryant does his best Randy Orton impression in a hotel room(

-CFL long-snappers might be the only ones who could make it in the NFL(

-Rob Gronkowski went “motor boating” in Charleston S.C. this past weekend(

Ballsy and Other News

-Tom Brady’s suspension is now causing some balls to not deflate(

-Could Cowboys QB Tony Romo get any more brittle?(

-Bears OL Kyle Long echos the sentiment of most NFL fans(

-These Patriots fans just wanted to get their faces on tv(

-Did HOFer Warren Sapp finally learn his lesson?(



Flipped Out and Other News

-High schooler Marco Wilson makes Odell Beckham Jr. look like a hack(

-The most famous NFL reject is coming to Canada(

-Of course the Chargers are gonna f**k everything up(

-Even NFL legends are taking shots at the Patriots(

-No pain, no gain(

Pancaked and Other News

-The Lingerie Football League could teach the Seahawks how to run a goal-line offense(

-I don’t know if I would trust the cleanliness of tattoo needles in prison(

-So, you think you are tough enough to play in the NFL?(

-Why does Peyton Manning always come off as an ass kisser?(

-The NFL is now trolling the Patriots on Twitter(

-Falcons DL Kroy Biermann got himself a new toy to play with(


Off-season Podcast #7 2015

Boyd and Marlon discuss ticket scams, deflategate and Bill Simmons departure from ESPN.

Listen here:

Download here:

Off-season Podcast #7 2015

Entourages and Other News

-Russell Wilson is practicing for his post-football career(

-Colts P Pat McAfee is taking shots at Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill(

-The Seahawks are taking shots at Ryan Tannehill’s new contract(

-Steelers LB James Harrison has a thousand reasons to keep playing football(

-Former Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez isn’t really a model prisoner(

Scalped and Other News

-The NFL is becoming more and more unlikable every day(

-Packers RB Eddie Lacy has a problem with three-wheeled vehicles(

-Deflategate has now been memorialized in song(

-Why did the Patriots suspend the two locker room assistants?(

-So you think being the wife of an NFL player is easy?(

1-800-BACKUP and Other News

-Steelers backup QB Bruce Gradkowski has a lucrative off-season job(

-ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith is what’s wrong with sports(

-Lions LB DeAndre Levy certainly isn’t chicken s**t(

-Deflategate is getting all political like(

-Tom Brady may have another PR nightmare on his hands(