Protect The Shield and Other News

-The NFL investigates the NFL, shockingly(sic) finds out they have done nothing wrong(

-Who would win a fight between a football player and baseball player?  We now have an answer(

-Being drunk is the only way I could attend a parent teacher conference(

-Former Dolphins coach Don Shula is not a fan of Bill Belichick(

-F**k the St. Louis Rams and their Twitter account(

Forecasts and Other News

-Patriots coach Bill Belichick gets shamed by The Weather Channel(

-Does anyone have room for another “Refrigerator” in their house?(

-Former NFL QB Drew Bledsoe goes biblical when talking about quarterbacking for the Jets(

-It doesn’t look like the Giants can “score” off the field either(

-Better get your popcorn ready for Celebrity Apprentice this year(

Fore and Other News

-Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch looks more Charles Barkley than Beast Mode(

 Beast Mode Swing

-It might be time to change your name when the WWE is making fun of you(

-Former Colts WR Hank Baskett has allegedly been working on his ball handling skills after his SB fumble(

-Did any of you know that Bill Belichick was Croatian?(

-Texans RB Arian Foster would be a natural as a spokesperson for a condom company(

Half Baked and Other News

-With Bill Belichick’s cooking skills, maybe  a bake sale isn’t such a bad idea(

-The NFL continues cracking down on their biggest problem.  Concussions?  No, endzone celebrations(

-Patriots coach Bill Belichick does not want to be considered as part of the crowd(

-If you are going to have a self-righteous rant on Twitter, make sure you have the right team(

-We don’t need to know if your starting QB is comfortable having pregnancy sex(


Boot Stomping and Other News

-If you know or care who Bootsy Collins is, he made a Xmas song about Peyton Manning(

-The Seahawks,shutout of the Giants was CAR-ma(

-Maybe Peyton Manning could give his wife credit for his playoff failures too(

-Just another Patriots fan enjoying some sushi before the game against the Dolphins(

-Redskins HC Mike Shanahan just ruined Xmas(

-Even the best coach in football is p***y-whipped(

Drinking the Kool-Aid and other news

-Andy Reid may have found his true calling, as the Kool-Aid man(

Andy Reid kool-aid man-Colts punter Pat McAfee gets called for a “random” drug test after this hit(

Colts punter Pat McAfee destroying Broncos' Trindon Holliday on a punt return gif Broncos Colts 10/20/2013

-Chiefs fans were getting all pissy Sunday afternoon(

-Only a Steelers fan could have both of these tattoos on his calves(

-Patriots coach Bill Belichick is resorting to voodoo dolls for victories now(

Blue > Scarlet and other news

-This is why Michigan will always be better than Ohio State(

-The names Willard, Tig Willard(

-Does it really matter what Bill Belichick says about Aaron Hernandez?(

-Chris Johnson and Devin Hester are faster than Bengals, but are they faster than a cheetah?(

-It looks like double trouble for Aaron Hernandez(

-This is the fist sign that NFL training camps are in full swing(

Butt wrenching and other news

Chad Johnson-I think Chad Johnson will be the “butt” of this joke(

-I am not green with envy over this wedding(

-It was almost “lights out” for Shawne Merriman(

-Apparently investing isn’t Brees(

-Football Jesus will pray at the altar of a new football God(

Spygate: The So-Called Untold Story

Boyd and Marlon finally debate the Spygate book, and agree to disagree.

Listen here:

Download here:


If you would like to read the book we discussed in this podcast follow the link below.  We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Bumpy Rhodes ahead and other news

Kerry Rhodes-It looks like the first gay athlete has been exposed, but it’s not about the money(

-Marcus Vick hasn’t achieved the same level of enlightenment as his brother(

-Urine and feces are not the recipe for a spot in the first round(

-I wonder if people consider this as Bill Belichick cheating(

-Don’t drink too much water, you could fail an NFL drug test(