Twerking Gronks and Other News

-A family that twerks together, stays together(

-RB Frank Gore’s time as an Eagle immortalized in a video tribute(

-The 49ers continue to try and win with class(

-Texans DE Jadeveon Clowney isn’t very good with animals(

-Nothing says join us for a good time like a picture of Bill Belichick(

Finger-Licking Good and Other News

-Patriots coach Bill Belichick, finger-licking good(

-Apparently a picture isn’t worth a thousand words at the NFL Combine(

-Could Cowboys WR Dez Bryant be the next Ray Rice?(

-At least Matt Millen made one good decision as Lions GM(

-Here’s how you know your chance of being drafted might be in the crapper(

Torch. O and Other News

-Comedian Daniel Tosh puts a torch to the Patriots legacy(

-Who is Redskins QB Robert Griffin III’s trainer?(

-HOFer Warren Sapp is now an amateur filmmaker(

-This Ferrari now has the same value as a Yugo(

-Broncos TE Julius Thomas has daddy issues(

Protect The Shield and Other News

-The NFL investigates the NFL, shockingly(sic) finds out they have done nothing wrong(

-Who would win a fight between a football player and baseball player?  We now have an answer(

-Being drunk is the only way I could attend a parent teacher conference(

-Former Dolphins coach Don Shula is not a fan of Bill Belichick(

-F**k the St. Louis Rams and their Twitter account(

Forecasts and Other News

-Patriots coach Bill Belichick gets shamed by The Weather Channel(

-Does anyone have room for another “Refrigerator” in their house?(

-Former NFL QB Drew Bledsoe goes biblical when talking about quarterbacking for the Jets(

-It doesn’t look like the Giants can “score” off the field either(

-Better get your popcorn ready for Celebrity Apprentice this year(

Fore and Other News

-Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch looks more Charles Barkley than Beast Mode(

 Beast Mode Swing

-It might be time to change your name when the WWE is making fun of you(

-Former Colts WR Hank Baskett has allegedly been working on his ball handling skills after his SB fumble(

-Did any of you know that Bill Belichick was Croatian?(

-Texans RB Arian Foster would be a natural as a spokesperson for a condom company(

Half Baked and Other News

-With Bill Belichick’s cooking skills, maybe  a bake sale isn’t such a bad idea(

-The NFL continues cracking down on their biggest problem.  Concussions?  No, endzone celebrations(

-Patriots coach Bill Belichick does not want to be considered as part of the crowd(

-If you are going to have a self-righteous rant on Twitter, make sure you have the right team(

-We don’t need to know if your starting QB is comfortable having pregnancy sex(


Boot Stomping and Other News

-If you know or care who Bootsy Collins is, he made a Xmas song about Peyton Manning(

-The Seahawks,shutout of the Giants was CAR-ma(

-Maybe Peyton Manning could give his wife credit for his playoff failures too(

-Just another Patriots fan enjoying some sushi before the game against the Dolphins(

-Redskins HC Mike Shanahan just ruined Xmas(

-Even the best coach in football is p***y-whipped(

Drinking the Kool-Aid and other news

-Andy Reid may have found his true calling, as the Kool-Aid man(

Andy Reid kool-aid man-Colts punter Pat McAfee gets called for a “random” drug test after this hit(

Colts punter Pat McAfee destroying Broncos' Trindon Holliday on a punt return gif Broncos Colts 10/20/2013

-Chiefs fans were getting all pissy Sunday afternoon(

-Only a Steelers fan could have both of these tattoos on his calves(

-Patriots coach Bill Belichick is resorting to voodoo dolls for victories now(

Blue > Scarlet and other news

-This is why Michigan will always be better than Ohio State(

-The names Willard, Tig Willard(

-Does it really matter what Bill Belichick says about Aaron Hernandez?(

-Chris Johnson and Devin Hester are faster than Bengals, but are they faster than a cheetah?(

-It looks like double trouble for Aaron Hernandez(

-This is the fist sign that NFL training camps are in full swing(