Bitch Boy and Other News

-Peyton Manning is now J.J. Watts bitch(

-A Raiders fan disguised himself as a Chiefs fan at Rams preseason game(

-The NFL made changes to the injury reports to make it easier for the gambling industry(

-Cardinals GM Steve Keim doesn’t always make the bold decision as portrayed on “All or Nothing”(

-Are you ready for NO football?(


Geographically Challenged and Other News

-Not all people are aware that the Rams have moved to Los Angeles(

-Apparently Mike Tirico isn’t high profile enough for Thursday Night Football(

-I always knew Seahawks fans needed to go back to school(

-Only Jerry Jones would spend this much money for practice purposes(

-Former Falcons RB Jamal Anderson is the dirtiest of birds(

Please Beliebe Me and Other News

-Von Miller asks for your forgiveness so you will draft him in Madden 17(

-Snoop Dogg calls out the hypocritical NFL(

-Only in Denver would they build a shrine to their old stadium(

-How do you keep your players out of jail?  Give sideline passes to the District Attorney(

-Like father, like son(

Tricycles and Other News

-Shouldn’t the Steelers be worried about Ben Roethlisberger on any motorized vehicle?(


-The best part of the NFL preseason: rookie haircuts(

-Jerry Jones compares owning the Cowboys to sitting in heaven(

-Are sinus issues keeping Ladarius Green out of Steelers training camp?(

-Larry David is ruining his image of being a curmudgeon(



NFL Picks Preseason Week 2 2016

Boyd and Marlon discuss the Titans trading of Dorial Green-Beckham to the Eagles then take a weird turn, into some kind of socio-political talk, before finally making their week 2 picks.

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NFL Picks Preseason Week 2 2016

Coincidentally and Other News

-James Harrison believes he is being targeted by the NFL(

-Rams fans know how to celebrate the return of their team from St. Louis: a brawl in the stands(

-The Detroit Lions are the latest in a long line of hypocrites in the NFL(

-I’ll believe Ray Lewis’ version of events, once he explains what happened to his white suit(

-Who do you believe: Antonio Cromartie or his mom?(

Hello and Other News

-Adele is not a big fan of the Super Bowl halftime show(

-When you hear “We are doing everything in our power to win”, just know it’s bullshit(

-I react the same way as Michael Phelps when someone has Steelers gear on around me(

-The NFL is more and more like the McCarthyism era in the U.S.(

-I thought Colin Kaepernick’s arm already was “dead”?(


Poll Call and Other News

-Did the whole Vikings team get suspended for four games?(

-Once a dirtbag, always a dirtbag(

-At this point, why would anyone bother to go to an NFL game(

-How do you kick your own mother out of the house you bought for her?(

-Baseball Jesus is just doing it for the money, like most religious entities(

Bananarama and Other News

-Now you can: see Eli Manning dressed as a banana(

-Dez Bryant is looking like his old self in training camp(

-The NFL continues to be very shortsighted(

-Jordan Rodgers will always be Aaron’s little brother(

-Michael Phelps will be the best thing about the Ravens preseason opener(

NFL Picks Preseason Week 1 2016

Boyd and Marlon discuss the Joey Bosa situation continuing to drag on in San Diego and place their bets for the first week of the NFL preseason.

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NFL Picks Preseason Week 1 2016