The 80’s Called and Other News

-Rob Gronkowski is this generations answer to Jane Fonda(

-Cam Newton gets rejected at the beach(

-Is Ezekiel Elliot the latest domestic abuser to join the NFL?(

-Le’Veon Bell likes himself some chronic(

-I don’t think most athletes want to keep up with the Joneses(



Off-Season Podcast #11 2016

Boyd and Marlon discuss the inaugural season of Amazon’s NFL documentary series All or Nothing: A season with the Arizona Cardinals.

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Off-season Podcast #11 2016

The Green Monster and Other News

-Julian Edelman getting ready to become a two-sport star(

-How much longer until there is nobody left to play in the NFL?(

-Johnny Manziel will always make your parties more lively(

-Adrian Peterson now has a sparring partner to try and help him with his fumbling problems(

-Giants RB Rashad Jennings is a man with high standards(

Dogg Pounded and Other News

-Snoop Dogg sums up my feelings perfectly about the CFL(

-Watch Denard Robinson’s car slowly roll towards a retention pond it would eventually sink in(

-It’s hard to imagine that someone can be worse at dealing with concussions than the NFL(

-Antonio Brown has the best Fathead poster ever made(

-The Jaguars sink to their lowest level in trying to attract fans(

Blue Thunder and Other News

-Jim Harbaugh would have never been able to get away with this in the NFL(

-Torrey Smith knows there is always somebody younger trying to take his job(

-Charles “Peanut” Tillman knows how to announce his retirement(

-What do you get the man who has everything?  A statue of himself with two panthers(

-The Redskins haven’t changed their name, but they will need to change their mascot(

The 5th Beatle and Other News

-Even Paul McCartney can’t get enough Gronk(

-I think at this point, Ray Lewis just likes to hear himself talk(

-The NFL plans to put chips, “what’s that?”, in footballs(

-Lions OL Geoff Schwartz is concerned how to explain the Taylor/Kim spat to his daughter(

-Hopefully Mike Shanahan is including two Super Bowl trophies with his house sale(

Show Me The Money and Other News

-Von Miller has his own Rod Tidwell moment(

-Michael Vick gets to tell his story(

-This would look a lot better in a Titans theme(

-Former Lions RB Jahvid Best doesn’t have to worry about concussions anymore, just the Zika virus(

-Roger Goodell’s only job appears to be to protect the “shield”(


Groin, Groin, Gone and Other News

-J.J. Watt is being nursed back to health by Tiger Woods’ sloppy seconds(

-Guess which national convention Football Jesus will be speaking at?(

-Celebrating the 25th anniversary of your last playoff win is never a good sign(

-Is Johnny Manziel staying sober playing Pokemon Go?(

-Bill Simmons uses “Deflategate” to take a shot at ESPN(

Married Life is for the Dogs and Other News

-Sometimes playing in the NFL can be worse than a dog’s life(

-J.J. Watt may have gone “Hollywood” but he has never forgot Wisconsin(

-Kind of embarrassed to be Canadian today(

-You should probably be leery of a poker game at Super 8 Motel(

-Rob Gronkowski speculates on Julian Edelman fellating Tom Brady(

High Times and Other News

-Which NFLer holds the world record for most times drug tested?(

-The Panthers are working on some new in-game entertainment for their fans(

-Wes Welker compares Julian Edelman to a store brand version of Tom Brady(

-The Vikings and Bears are all caught up in the Pokemon Go craze(

-Browns RB Isaiah Crowell  is fed up with the police(