Therapy Sessions and Other News

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-Donovan McNabb used strippers for therapy sessions during his NFL career(

-Trumps ‘merica has reached the NFL(

-Blake Bortles has finally found a fix for his interception woes(

-Cowboys fans are even more irrationally superstitious than Marlon and I(

-Medical marijuana use in the NFL should happen, Brandon Marshall’s story is proof(

Buck Wild and Other News

-I always knew Joe Buck was garbage(

-Johnny Manziel is now giving (bad) career advice(

-Derek Carr and Latavius Murray know who is responsible for their success(

-Jets coach Todd Bowles has been experiencing memory loss(

-The Raiders are putting up numbers on and off the field(


NFL Picks Week 14 2014

Boyd and Marlon try and rebound from two consecutive losing weeks with their week 14 picks for the 2016 NFL season.

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NFL Picks Week 14 2016

Tackling Dummies and Other News

-The Jets have hired two former security guards to their practice squad(

-Joe McKnight’s murder will be another flash point for anti-cop sentiment(

-Cab from Packers game $475.60, skipping out on the fare and spending  the night in jail, priceless(

-It looks like third time will be the charm for Johnny Manziel in rehab(

-Maybe Cam Newton forgot his tie in the strip club?(

Keg Stand and Other News

-Raiders fans are taking a page out of the Bills fans tailgating playbook(

-Riverboat Ron’s latest gamble ended up in a tie(

-Brock Osweiler misunderstood, the Texans are about to blow up their offense(

-It’s good to know Donald Trump is bringing in all those Washington outsiders(

-Raiders fans give new meaning to the mannequin challenge(

Whose Your Papa? and Other News

-Pats CB Malcolm Butler is stealing Antonio Brown’s lunch(

-When you can’t find your challenge flag, how do you deserve a 2yr contract extension?(

-Raiders P Marquette King might be the first P to get an excessive celebration penalty(

-Von Miller might be the classiest guy in sports(

-Patriots DC Matt Patricia may have an evil twin(

Road Rage and Other News

-If I was an ex-NFL player I wouldn’t get out of my car in New Orleans(

-The Rams are losing on the field and off the field as well(

-This Cleveland weatherman is only hurting himself(

-Richard Sherman throws “karma” shade at Cam Newton(

-The first rule of Fight Club is: you don’t talk about Fight Club(

Miller Time and Other News

-When is recording sex with Von Miller not all about the money?(

-Does Jeff Fisher have Alzheimers?(

-Jim Kelly inadvertently helped the Colts draft Peyton Manning(

-Maybe the Chargers let Eric Weddle because their ice cream budget was out of control?(

-After ending a 108 year curse, you are stuck seeing stuff like this on our website(

NFL Picks Week 13 2016

Boyd and Marlon look to rebound after not having much to be thankful for, with their week 13 NFL picks.

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NFL Picks Week 13 2016

Legend Shaming and Other News

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-Hey Jeff Fisher, when your team is this bad, you can’t be this thin skinned(

-When will the NFL get their heads out of their asses?(

-Johnny Manziel can still scramble his way out of trouble(

-The Giants owners are very protective of their Lombardi trophies(

-RGIII isn’t the nice guy he pretends to be(