NFL Picks Championship Weekend 2017

Boyd and Marlon make their picks for who will advance to Super Bowl LI.


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NFL Picks Championship Weekend 2017

Age Defying Cream and Other News

-If you are 38 years old and you workout at 5:10am the day after a Sunday night game, you should be piss tested everyday of the week(

-Las Vegas sportsbooks need some time to regroup after this past weekend(

-Offensive coordinator in Houston fired for improperly polishing a turd(

-The joy of victory and the agony of defeat(

-Roger Goodell is a flat-out pussy(

Taking One For The Team

-I love football, but my television doesn’t need to sacrificed for it(

-Tattoo removal Google searches are skyrocketing among Cowboys fans(

-This is what your parking lot looks like after a big playoff loss(

-A tip of the hat to this degenerate Packers fan, who has much bigger balls than I do(

-I would have bought extra trucks to help the Chargers move to LA(

Texas Sized Hole and Other News

-They say things are bigger in Texas, apparently assholes are one of them(

-Seahawks DL Michael Bennett was involve in a game of Poke-man’s eye out(

-I figured Melissa Etheridge as more of a softball fan(

-You can no longer call the LA Chargers the Bolts(

-You know you are at  football game in the South when you see this jersey(

Poor Eggs-it Strategy and Other News

-This Chargers fan must be a set-up, nobody had this much passion for the team in San Diego(

-The Chargers didn’t put much thought into their new LA logo(

-There is now proof that Chargers didn’t put much thought into their new LA logo(

-Where was this passion when the Chargers were still in San Diego?(

-Le’Veon Bell might as well play a chess pro, he uses his offensive line like pawns(


Peyton’s Place and Other News

-Tom Brady should quit trying to be Peyton Manning(

-The NFL doesn’t want two shitty teams in the L.A. market(

-Johnny Manziel is turning into a younger version of Pete Rose(

-The Cowboys may be getting a little insufferable(

-Using your underdog status as motivation doesn’t make up for having a shitty QB(

NFL Picks Divisional Round 2017

Boyd and Marlon have to make some compromises with their NFL picks for the Divisional round of the 2017 playoffs.

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NFL Picks Divisional Round 2017

Porter Housed and other news

-Steelers LB Joey Porter wouldn’t be in this mess if he went to Miami and was on a boat(

-I think Tom Brady could party on a boat 2 days before the game and beat the Texans(

-Texans coach Bill O’Brien is setting himself up for failure(

-Giants players are being offered an age-old therapy to help them with their loss to the Packers(

-Patriots fans will never forgive ESPN for creating the Deflategate controversy(

Clipboard Holders and Other News

-Clipboard holders aren’t generally supposed to get hit like this(

-Was Pacman Jones at the same Pittsburgh bar as Joey Porter Sunday night?(

-Colts fans leave a concise message outside of teams offices(

-Giants WRs roasted on Twitter after loss to Packers(

-At least there’s some potential with Raiders QB Connor Cook, his sister(

Dumpster Fire and Other News

-Billy Joel pens an ode to the Browns failures at QBs(

-Odell Beckham Jr gives people a Lyft around New York city(

-Tyrod Taylor has the Bills between a rock and his “hard” place(

-Gus Bradley may be back coaching with the Jaguars sooner than you think(

-TB12 technology will reportedly let you experience a night of sleep like an MVP QB(