Failure To Launch and Other News

-If Tom Brady wants to play until he’s 45, he should probably stop doing this(

-Agents may be sleazy, but Russell Okung proves why they are necessary(

-Jameis Winston will be a very popular athlete in Trump’s America(

-Could you please just retire peacefully, Vince Young(

-Jim Harbaugh sums up the 49ers organization perfectly(


Camel Throw and Other News

-If they ever let camels play in the NFL, the Lions might have a chance(

-Rob Gronkowksi has a movie coming out, but I don’t think it will hit theaters(

-The Redskins are trying to take over the crown of most dysfunctional team(

-I always knew churches were a source of troublemakers(

-Tom Brady’s Instagram looks like an episode of True Detective(

My Fantasy Life and Other News

-Fantasy football leagues are getting very creative in punishing their losers(

-I don’t know if bungee jumping is allowed under most NFL contracts(

-Former Lions CB Stanley Wilson is trying to appear on the next season of Naked and Afraid(

-Panthers TE Greg Olsen’s brother won’t be the 49ers QB anymore(

-Former NFLer Cedric Benson blames the NFL for his DUI(

Starboy and Other News

-Cowboys parody song to the Weekends “Starboy”(

-If you meet Darrelle Revis in the street, leave your cellphone in your pocket(

-This is how all Super Bowl bets should be settled(

-Some people might think this is exactly where Tom Brady belongs(

-I would actually have some respect for Roger Goodell if he makes this happen(

Edelman’s Catch and Other News

-Julian Edelman is now going to try his hand at opening a restaurant(

-Tony Romo’s wife is already planning his post-football career(

-My guess is the NFL won’t give a shit about pollution in China(

-The Patriots are really trying increase the bounty they can get for Jimmy Garoppolo(

-The Chargers are finally admitting that their move to L.A. was all about money(


Making The Pilgrimage and Other News

-Patriots fans now have another pilgrimage to make to honor Tom Brady(

-The Bills might have to hire a cheer coach to help out their defense(

-I am so glad I quit reading Peter King’s column years ago(

-How come these stories keep popping up about NFL players?(

-Reggie Bush better sign another contract soon, as his responsibilities continue to grow(

Silliness and Other News

-Tony Gonzalez puts the Patriots players skipping White House visit in proper perspective(

-The proverbial apple don’t fall far from the proverbial tree(

-The Patriots are putting everyone on notice(

-New Orleans takes shots at the Falcons Super Bowl ineptitude with Mardi Gras float(

-I am beginning to see a pattern in Aldon Smith’s life(


White’s Privilege and Other News

-James White gets the MVP recognition he should’ve had on SB Sunday(

-It’s a sign of the times when even video game athletes get treated like they play in the NFL(

-Tom Brady and Bill Belichick might be getting a personal tour of the White House(

-Tom Brady: hair today, gone tomorrow(

-Roger Goodell must be the least self-aware person in the NFL(

Chilling Intensity and Other News

-Did the Broncos hire Quentin Tarantino or Brock Olivo as their new special teams coach?(

-Don’t forget he has to frame it and mount it as well(

-Rob Gronkowski celebrated SB 51 victory with the fake Rick Ross(

-Gisele is already putting Tom Brady back to work(

-I always knew Johnny Manziel was a Roughrider(

Argumentative and Other News

-Julian Edelman didn’t have to convince me he made that catch in the Super Bowl(

-This is how you produce a Super Bowl highlight video(

-Patriot fans need to learn how to celebrate in a safer fashion(

-Falcons fans should be ashamed of themselves(

-A sad timeline of a Falcons fan during Super Bowl LI(