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Boyd and Marlon explain where you can get all future episodes of their podcasts.


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Off-Season Podcast #4



Please be advised that this will be the last podcast posted at this website.  If you have previously subscribed to our podcast using any podcast provider, you will need to re-subscribe to our podcast after this weeks podcast as we are changing our podcast hosting service and our RSS feed will change resulting in you needing to subscribe again.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Boyd and Marlon place their first bets of the 2017-2018 NFL season as they make their over/under win totals bets.

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Moving On

As many of you may have noticed, the website and podcast has not been updated for 3 1/2 months. Marlon and I decided to take a little break and enjoy our summer.  After talking during our break we have decided to discontinue the website presence for Offensive Lines but the podcast will continue to live on.  It will still be available on iTunes and Stitcher you just won’t be able to download it from our website.

We would like to thank all the loyal visitors to our website the past 4+ years.  Look for the new episode of our podcast Wednesday or Thursday of next week.  We are in the process of securing a new hosting service for the podcast that does not require us to have a website presence.  This will not affect anyone who has subscribed to our podcast in the past, you will still be able to find us in your podcast cue.

Once again, we would like to thank all you for supporting our website and hope that you will all follow us as move on to this next iteration of our platform.



Boyd and Marlon


Off-season Podcast #3

Boyd and Marlon discuss Tony Romo’s move to the booth.

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Off-season Podcast #3

Glass Menagerie and Other News

-Tom Brady with his most nerve wracking hand-off(

-Terry Bradshaw might show his naked old man butt in a movie again(

-Now sports scientists are trying to explain Tom Brady’s longevity(

-Finally, proof for all the Patriots haters that Bill Belichick is above the law(

-Cardinals WR Marquis Bundy was betraying the message that was on his lost hat(


Talk To The Hand and Other News

-As usual, the NFL won’t listen to anybody that isn’t on their payroll(

-The NFL is now trying to use marijuana as a bargaining chip(

-Chad Johnson is just looking for some attention again(

-Amazon is going to be shipping live NFL games to your streaming devices(

-Only an NFL player could talk himself into getting arrested(


Romo Style and Other News

-After all the kind words about Tony Romo today, remember this how most fans think of him(

-Tony Romo is going to be the next announcer that everybody hates(

-Ray Rice is pretty much unhirable(

-Las Vegas is the latest example of a city selling out it’s residents(

-Aaron Hernandez must have been slinging some good D(

Cliched and Other News

-I wonder if Cleveland will find this as funny after seeing the Browns draft picks?(

-Gronk tries to steal the spotlight of the Red Sox opening day(

-Raiders P Marquette King gets some practice in at skeet shooting facility(

-Chad Ochocinco has taken his talents further south(

-Tom Brady took a shot at the Boston Globe on April Fools Day(

How Long Will They Mourn Me and Other News

-Seahawks DL Michael Bennett raises a very good question(

-Here is why cities should never give in to professional sports franchises(

-Oakland Raider season ticket holders can reserve a seat for $100 and an 8hr drive to Las Vegas(

-Dan Quinn, defends Kyle Shanahan SB play calling, so nobody points the finger at him(

-I would love to see Tony Romo play again, but if it means Phil Simms is gone, I’d be ok with it(

Happy Birthday Derek and Other News

-Raiders P Marquette King would never be invited to my birthday party(

-Brandon Marshall is laughing like this is the first time he has seen Jay Cutler’s butt(

-Michael Irving is apparently following the Warren Sapp career path(

-If the NFL doesn’t get you, the lawyers surely will(

-Even the NFL admits the Cleveland Browns are an embarrassment to the league(