Micro Soft and Other News

-Microsoft needs to consult Nike’s ad execs on how to make an entertaining commercial(youtube.com)

-Finally, someone sees things from my point of view(deadspin.com)

-Jets WR Eric Decker has to have his sexual activities planned for him(sob.com)

-Michael Strahan was getting it in even back in the day(to.com)

-Richard Sherman verbalized what we have all known for a long time(bso.com)

Home Run Trot and Other News

-Football Jesus just made me believe that there is a God(twitter.com/LFTorresIII)

-Rex Ryan is a coach trapped in sketch comics body(twitter.com/buffalobills)

-Mike Tolbert pulled a Jerry Seinfeld on a North Carolina auto shop(jalopnik.com)

-A quarterback never wants to have this said about him by his teammates(lbs.com)

-J.J. Watt even exploits his own injuries for likes(yardbarker.com)

NFL Picks Week 4 2016

Boyd and Marlon do a combined podcast, recapping their turd sandwich of a week 3, and make their week 4 picks.

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NFL Picks Week 4 2016

Cue The Music and Other News

-I can already here the NFL blooper music(twitter.com/ChatSports)

-Adrian Peterson sings like a kid coming home from the dentist(instagram.com)

-Maybe he should just change his name to Justin “Clucker”(youtube.com)

-Suns out, ass out(terezowens.com)

-Austin Sefarian-Jenkins has some really “shi**y” luck(bso.com)

Protest Celebration and Other News

-Hopefully, at some point in the future, football and politics won’t be so intertwined(cbs.com)

-At this point, is there anyone Steve Smith Sr. isn’t feuding with in the NFL?(twitter.com/NYJfanINmia12)

-Maybe Colts owner Jim Irsay has some leftover prescription meds his radio announcer could use(deadspin.com)

-Eagles coach Doug Pederson might need to pump the brakes a little bit(sportsnaut.com)

-Cleveland is still the city of lights and city of magic(bso.com)

Keep Your Head On A Swivel and Other News

-If you are standing on the sidelines, shouldn’t you at least watch the game(deadspin.com)


-This is how a Jags fan makes a halftime adjustment(deadspin.com)

-Odell Beckham Jr lost a fight with a kicking net(twitter.com/WRBolen)

-Bills fans doing their best Dudley Boys impersonation(twitter.com/TribalThrasher)

-Add us to the list of Ryan Fitzpatrick believers who got screwed over(nypost.com)


Come Together and Other News

-Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin makes a call to action that I wish Colin Kaepernick would have made(youtube.com)

-Your hatred of the Dallas Cowboys may one day save a life(youtube.com)

-The Rams just lost again(deadspin.com)

-Is liquified phytoplankton the key for NFL RBs having prolonged careers?(sob.com)

-This is the kind of commitment I want from my starting QB(lbs.com)

Taking a Stand and Other News

-Seahawks CB Richard Sherman made a stand, while others are taking a knee(youtube.com)

-Ray Lewis doesn’t think police shootings are race related, mentions black on black crime(bso.com)

-Cam Newton is straddling the line Michael Jordan created in the 90’s(deadspin.com)

-Stop if you’ve heard this before: arrest warrant issued for Josh Gordon(sportsnaut.com)

-Michael Irvin wants to rename the Lombardi Trophy(lbs.com)

NFL Picks Week 3 2016

Boyd and Marlon try and rebound from a disastrous week 2 with their picks for week 3 of the 2016 NFL season.

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Listen here:

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NFL Picks Week 3 2016

Did I Do That? and Other News

-Did Calvin Johnson”do that”?(youtube.com)

-If this was the Patriots, ESPN would be running it on a 24 hour continuous loop(deadspin.com)

-The NFL and it’s owners should all be referred to as one simple word: extortionists(deadspin.com)

-New Browns back-up QB Charlie Whitehurst has finally been painted in a positive light(sportsnaut.com)

-Baseball Jesus, best known kneeling on the field, thinks Colin Kaepernick should protest the right way(bso.com)