Brown Out and Other News

-I wonder if the NFL is going to make a PSA out of this situation?(

-BREAKING NEWS:  Eddie Lacy is fat again(

-The Calgary Stampeders are making a statement against gun violence, by covering the pistols that are on their jersey(

-If NFL players are role models, shouldn’t the league be more concerned with player safety(

-Is this Roger Goodell’s idea of role models?(

NFL Picks Week 7 2016

Boyd and Marlon look to ride the best team in football to a winning week 7 of NFL betting.

Picks of the Week

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NFL Picks Week 7 2016

Getting To First Base and Other News

-Tim Tebow finally found out what it was like to get to first base(

-The Titans continue to say they are not for sale, that is until of course they are(

-Drunk driving in the NFL usually involves a suspension, but not for coaches(

-Cowboys WR Dez Bryant had a Bugs Bunny moment(

-A lacerated kidney might cause me to be a little cranky(

Jurassic Park and Other News

-Patrick Peterson had to warm up for Monday nights game as an extra from Jurassic Park(

-ESPN MNF announcer Sean McDonough will be hearing from the overlords at the NFL offices(

-This is probably the first time Calvin Johnson heard this song(

-Your 2016 NFL mascots, ranked(

-Michael Irving has a weird sexual fetish(

NFL Picks Week 6 2016 Recap

Boyd and Marlon recap another disappointing week of NFL gambling.

Around The NFL

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NFL Picks Week 6 2016 Recap

Giant Disappointment and Other News

-There is no pleasing a Giants fan(

-Jeff Fisher is a classless a**hole(

Rams cheapshot Lions on a kneeldown

-Jeff Fisher seems like the type of guy that would pass the buck(

-Cam Newton is starting a new trend for losing NFL QBs(

-I thought Dr. Dre said they wear “vests on their jimmies in the city of sex”?(

Butt Light On Tap and Other News

-Nothing to see here, just some Bills fans enjoying some Butt Light(

-I didn’t know Jaguars hunted in packs(

-Tom Brady has a new commercial out with his significant other(

-If you don’t know how you can lacerate your kidney, this is one way(

-I don’t know how well black uniforms will do in the Las Vegas heat(

Just Win Baby and Other News

-Take a look at the breakdown of one our week 6 bets(

-Bucs CB Brent Grimes is going to go broke trying to keep his wife in money(

-Only the Browns would hire a disgraced college football coach(

-The Lions coaching staff is talking some crazy shite(

-MMA superstar Connor McGregor is influencing the NFL now(

NFL Picks Week 6 2016

Boyd and Marlon recap their so-so week 5 picks and make their picks (50 minute mark) for week 6 of the NFL season.

Picks of the Week

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NFL Picks Week 6 2016

God’s Son and Other News

-Baseball Jesus is still doing God’s work(

-Carson Wentz continues to be a man of the people(

-Philip Rivers is the type of leader you want on your football team(

-Donald Trump may have to enter concussion protocol himself(

-Another instance of the pot calling the kettle black(