Fantasy Football Fantasy and Other News

-The Manning brothers can be paid to embarrass themselves(

-Buffalo Bills WR looks like he has suction cups for hands(

-CBS is doing an experiment to see if men will watch any show about sports on tv(

-The Buffalo Bills finally finished first in something(

-Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch apparently went “beast mode” off the field(

-We like to party, dancing with molly(


One comment on “Fantasy Football Fantasy and Other News

  1. I thought the brothers Manning only embarrassed themselves in Super Bowl games and regular NFL games. Guess I was wrong…

    Both the ‘commercial’ and the channel seem unwarranted.

    I’m hopeful the ‘commercial’ is not for public consumption, because…it is AWFUL!

    Way to go, Offensive Lines…in keeping your ‘listeners’ listening and commenting 🙂

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