Welcome to Offensive Lines, a site devoted to small stakes NFL gambling.

During the NFL regular season (and playoffs), we will post weekly podcasts where we break down the match-ups and tell you where our money is headed.

But remember, we are just small-stakes gamblers and huge NFL fans.  We are not wiseguys or professional journalists, and our picks won’t make you rich.  The main purpose of our wagers is to add a little action and spice to watching the games.  After all, a Bengals/Browns tilt probably doesn’t excite many people outside of Ohio.  But put even a few dollars against the number, and interest levels skyrocket.

That said, our picks last year were pretty good.  Heading into the playoffs we had a 64% ROI (Return on Investment).  In the interest of accuracy, we died in the playoffs, but we think a lot of people did.

There are a couple of principles we follow when making our picks.

1. We don’t try to pick the full slate of games.  On our podcasts we will discuss those match-ups where we like the spread (usually around 6 games a week), and whittle these down to our top 2 or 3 picks.

2. We are fans of the Titans and the Chargers.  We don’t bet on games involving these teams.  In our experience it is impossible to be coldly analytical about the teams you cheer for.

The site is pretty simple.  Our podcasts  and blog entries are on the home page.

Enjoy.  Football is back.

-Offensive Lines


2 comments on “Welcome

  1. Watching a lot of old Detriot Pistons basketball. Do you guys think this kind of combat in pro ball in the 80’s is about 35 to 38 % comparable to today’s NFL game?And remember the glory days in the 80’s when a slant pattern was Russian roulette for a slot back. Please discuss this among yourselves while I enjoy this free podcast.
    Eat it,
    Good Friend Mitch.

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