Bridging the Gap and Other News

-Looks like the Vikings are going to have a new QB next year, same as their old QB(

-Jay Cutler is sure to become the “butt” of a few jokes(

-The Raiders move to Las Vegas is already having a financial impact on the city(

-Seahawks voice their displeasure over the NFL’s new rule with a simple tweet(

-Tony Romo is sick of being a nice guy(


Ophidiophobia and Other News

-Here is how a tough football coach deals with a snake(

-We should all be praising the city of Oakland today(

-You never want to see the police at Sharky’s Funhouse(

-O-linemen are probably the only ones who would accept this invitation(

-The Chargers are the only NFL team that would have trouble selling 30,000 seats(

Organ Grinding and Other News

-Future 1st rd draft pick Christian McCaffrey has some skills on the mouth organ(

-The players only have themselves to blame for this unfair system(

-Peyton Manning is obviously getting ready to throw his hat into the political ring(

-Just because you sleep with a football player, doesn’t make you a football commentator(

-I think Jeff Fisher might be a little depressed after losing his Rams job(

Off-season Podcast #2 2017

Boyd and Marlon get back to basics with their discussion of the Browns master plan and free agency moves of this off-season.

Listen here:

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Off-season Podcast #2 2017

Snowball’s Chance In Hell and Other News

-Would J.J. Watt continue to exist if cameras weren’t present?(

-The NFL really wants to take all enjoyment out of the game(

-That other Michael Thomas from the NFL was arrested(

-Retired NFL players just don’t understand these new “millenials”(

-Paranoia will destroy you(

Jersey Chaser and Other News

-Tom Brady jersey theft video broken down like the Zapruder film(

-This kind of prank is better left to the coaches in the pros(

-Is Donald Trump is using his Presidential power to screw over Colin Kaepernick?(

-The NFL is sinking to even lower standards(

-The Juice already has a job lined up when he is paroled later this year(

Comey and Get It and Other News

-Even the Director of the FBI hates the Patriots(

-John Elway wants to make America great again(

-I wonder how Donald Trump will spin this Tom Brady jersey theft story(

-Beast Mode is about to relocate to the Oakland area(

-Raiders P Marquette King has a gift for Marshawn Lynch when he arrives in Oakland(

-Johnny Manziel wants to make America great again, too(

Getting Handsy and Other News

-Two female Cowboys fans poke fun at Ezekiel Elliott’s recent problems(

-Richie Incognito has been a dick for a long time(

-Tony Romo received a bonus a working man can appreciate(

-Michigan NFL prospect Jourdan Lewis tried to improve his draft position(

-Derek Carr must have been a Boy Scout(

Spring Break and Other News

-Rob Gronkowski was in Flo Rida for a beach volleyball tournament(

-Redskins fans are almost as dysfunctional as their team(

-This is why you should never feel sorry for athletes who go broke(

-Is this guy a Tony Romo doppelganger?(

-Golden Tate wants to help make America great again(

A Parry For Your Thoughts and Other News

-Colts OL David Parry has some explaining to do to the commissioner(

-Fat Eddie Lacy is taking his talents to the west coast(

-Tim Tebow is the baseball equivalent of a slap-dick(

-Matthew Stafford’s “boys can swim”(

-The Chargers should be worried about Melvin Ingram’s mental state(