Off-season Podcast #3

Boyd and Marlon discuss Tony Romo’s move to the booth.

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Off-season Podcast #3


Fantasy Football Fantasy and Other News

-The Manning brothers can be paid to embarrass themselves(

-Buffalo Bills WR looks like he has suction cups for hands(

-CBS is doing an experiment to see if men will watch any show about sports on tv(

-The Buffalo Bills finally finished first in something(

-Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch apparently went “beast mode” off the field(

-We like to party, dancing with molly(

Dual Threat and Other News

-Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick are not doing Katy Perry any favors(

-The Bucs are trying to distract their fans from the crappy product they are putting on the field(

-Eagles TE Brent Celek likes to listen to 2 Chairs when he does his off-season workouts(

-Do you think you are smarter than a football player?  Take the Wonderlic test and prove it(

-Richie Incognito returns to Twitter, apologizes for s*it getting cray cray(

-Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino are now part of “The NFL Yesterday” crew from CBS(

Dismissed and Other News

-It looks like jersey #28 will be available in Tennessee this upcoming season(

-What would your favorite team look like if they were hipsters?(

-Attention Walmart shoppers, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh is in the khakis aisle(

-Jets CB Antonio Cromartie is number onesie(

-CBS football commentator Shannon Sharpe might have to polish off his resume(

-The Steel Curtain might rise on HBO this summer(

My name is my name and other news

rolando mcclain mugshot

-Hi, my name is F**k Y’all, I play for the Oakland Raiders(

-Broncos center Dan Koppen took a break to water the trees during practice(

-Behind the scenes of a Fox NFL broadcast.  Pass the lemon Halls please(

-I think Bill Cowher just started negotiating his next contract with CBS(

-Mike Shanahan is really trying to cut RGIII’s career short(

Pigeon S**t and other news

-The pigeons in Denver feel the same way about the Broncos fans as I do(

-CBS thinks about somebody other than NFL fans(

-Jerry Jones has wipes for sale.  Surprisingly not for feminine hygiene(

-You can thank me by sending me 10% of your winnings(

-I thought Brett Favre would have told him not to send dick pics(

Too Much Football?

Is it just me or is the NFL getting boring?  I don’t know what it is, but…wait, wait, wait a minute.  I do know what it is. We’re inundated with pre-game and post-game analysis.  It’s football, football, football everywhere you look and turn. Newspapers, television, radio, the Internet…blah, blah, blah.  ESPN this season now hosts a 3-hour prelude to the beginning of any given Sunday; the NFL Network runs ’round the clock all year ’round; FOX and CBS all have pre-game and post-game analysis each week. It’s little wonder that a person may get a bit tired of football every now and again.  Do we need to know every little detail about every player/coach/team in the league?  Throw into the mix the fact that there’s been a lot of bad, bad football over the past few years, and you’ve got the perfect mix for…boredom.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…the only consistent thing about the NFL the past 3 – 5 years is the inconsistency of the play in the league.  While it’s been fun to watch more than just a handful of teams have limited success, it does tend to get boring after a while.  While I do enjoy it when my team (the Titans) makes a game interesting, sometimes their play is so awful it’s hard to watch them.

Back to my point about needing to know everything about every player/coach/team in the league.  Part of what makes anyone or anything interesting is the fact that there’s some mystery to them.  Pretend, for a moment, that you’re in a movie theatre.  If you’re watching a well-known celebrity or two on the big screen (say, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt), do you find yourself thinking about their characters in the movie or their performances outside of the camera’s lens?  See what I mean?  You’ll be thinking about their personal lives while trying to watch their characters on screen.  It just doesn’t work…at least not very well.  The same thing happens to me when I’m watching football.  Do I/we need to know the most personal details of a player’s/coach’s personal life? No!  Does it affect how we watch the game? I would argue that to some degree, yes.  We’ve all got enough going on in our own lives with jobs, mortgages, family obligations, etc.  Can’t football just be about football?  And can’t there be a bit of mystery to anything anymore?  Oftentimes, that’s when things are the most fun – when you don’t know everything about them.

I know this rant is a bit disjointed…what do you expect at 11:00 0’clock at night after a day of information overload?

Mrs. Tom Brady and other news

– Ahmad Bradshaw auditions to be the next Planters Peanut spokesperson(deadspin)

-Carson Palmer doesn’t seem too upset about not being a Bengal(allvoices)

-Mrs. Tom Brady lives life in the fast lane(

-Terrell Owens decides to check out some Korean BBQ(cbssports)

-Fox Sports, fair and unbalanced(PFT)

-Curious George?(yahoo)