Off-season Podcast #3

Boyd and Marlon discuss Tony Romo’s move to the booth.

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Off-season Podcast #3


Pimped Out and Other News


-Is the NFL trying to turn their stadiums into family-friendly strip clubs?(

-Former Ravens RB Jamal Lewis discovered that “pimping” can be costly(

-Every team has a GOAT.  Who is the one for your favorite team?(

-The Dallas Cowboys are still treating Dez Bryant like a delinquent teenager(

-Broncos QB Peyton Manning isn’t a greedy douche bag after all.  Still just a douche bag though(


Something’s fishy and other news

-I don’t think this guy was getting enough oxygen to his brain(

-I always wondered how Ray Lewis got away with this(

-The Dallas Cowboys can’t even beat the Dallas Stars in a Twitter battle(

-I guess playing for the Jets could be a pain in the ass(

-I guess calling RGIII a “cornball brother” is enough to get you fired(

-We only have 50% of the Ryan brothers to listen to this year(

Getting antsy and other news

-Is that ants in your pants, or are you just glad to see me?(

-This reminds me of something I might have done as a kid(

-Tom Brady might be a QB, but he slipped another one by the goalie(

-Rookie mistakes?  I like to call it the fast track to Chapter 11(

-This sounds like the blind leading the blind(

Grandmas, baby mamas and other news

-Is osteoporosis a problem in cheerleading?(

-Baby mamas and girlfriends, never the two shall meet(

-I hope most athletes have a better retirement plan than reality tv(

-The only question now is, will he sue the Chargers for negligence?(

-Leroy Hill just can’t let go of Mary Jane(

Bitch slaps and other news

-Devin Hester involved in a brawl at a local casino…well, not really(

-Looks like Tony Sparano might get whacked in Miami(

-Looks like Ray Lewis might have something to worry about(

-Another Rex Grossman era has ended(

-Tony Romo has trust issues(