Off-season Podcast #3

Boyd and Marlon discuss Tony Romo’s move to the booth.

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Off-season Podcast #3


Read my lips and other news

-Have you ever tried to read the lips of players and coaches during an NFL game?(

-I think A.C. Green felt better after his first time than Tony Gonzalez did after his(

-The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree at the Britt household(

-Phil Simms has become the master of the obvious(

-The Packers have released a new brand of face paint for their fans(

False accusations and other news

-It looks like the Redskins have to clean up their image(

-Mike Shanahan doesn’t seem like the type of person to overreact(

-Packers OL Josh Sitton takes a shot at Brett Favre(

-I don’t think Phil Simms understands what the word “elite” means(

-In Indianapolis bald really could be beautiful(