Off-season Podcast #3

Boyd and Marlon discuss Tony Romo’s move to the booth.

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Off-season Podcast #3


Off-season Podcast #2 2017

Boyd and Marlon get back to basics with their discussion of the Browns master plan and free agency moves of this off-season.

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Off-season Podcast #2 2017

Major League and Other News

-Tony Romo has a message for the NFC East(

-Of course Al Sharpton would support Ray Rice(

-Titans fans are just becoming embarrassing(

-Packers fans think God doesn’t want Aaron Rodgers to have sex(

-I always believed Steelers fans were an unstable group(

Hairless and Other News

-Willis McGahee has his skin on fleek(

-The NFL are the only ones that can profit from an association with a casino(

-The NFL trolled Tony Romo on Twitter after cancelling his fantasy football event(

-Former Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez is even spitting game from prison(

-Dolphins DL A.J. Francis is a throwback to simpler times in the NFL(

Summer Chillin’ and Other News

-Is there anything Rob Gronkowski can’t do?(

-Browns QB Johnny Manziel is working on his career fall back plan(

-Former 49er coach Jim Harbaugh went to the Don Cherry school of coaching(

-Is Seahawks TE Jimmy Graham throwing shade at Drew Brees?(

-Cowboys WR Dez Bryant puts the business of the NFL in perspective(


Ballsy and Other News

-Tom Brady’s suspension is now causing some balls to not deflate(

-Could Cowboys QB Tony Romo get any more brittle?(

-Bears OL Kyle Long echos the sentiment of most NFL fans(

-These Patriots fans just wanted to get their faces on tv(

-Did HOFer Warren Sapp finally learn his lesson?(



Ball-Buster and Other News

-Cowboys QB Tony Romo pokes fun at the Patriots during the ACM awards show(

-Humor me, this hasn’t happened since 1993 for my favorite NHL team(

-Patriots WR Julian Edelman’s Star Wars mash-up(

-Eagles coach Chip Kelly has acquired the hottest QB roster in the NFL(

-Patriots QB Tom Brady had a unique way to wish the Celtics good luck(


World Wide Leader? and Other News

-I don’t think this is the image that the “World Wide Leader” wants to portray(

-Bears G Matt Slauson ranks the NFL’s ten best beards(facial hair, not gf’s)(

-Rob Gronkowski wants to be the next two-sport “Superstar”(

-Here is the NFL’s all-time All-Con offensive team(

-Tony Romo should probably stick to playing football(

Cowboy Up and Other News

-This should be the NFL’s domestic violence commercial(

-Cowboys QB Tony Romo thinks Jerry Jones isn’t long for this Earth(

-HOFer Warren Sapp made a strange choice for his life coach(

-Former Ravens LB Ray Lewis is not a savvy investor(

-Colts LB Erik Walden might have to use better judgement when selecting a partner(” target=”_blank”>

Berman Face and Other News

-ESPN’s Chris Berman was not pleased with the Pro Bowl halftime show(

-Cowboys QB Tony Romo has always been a little cheesy(

-The NFL does not want you to brag on Facebook that you are working at the SB(

-Bears QB Jay Cutler has as much patience with his kids as he does his teammates(

-Dolphins CB Brent Grimes is the latest athlete to have his wife fight his battles(

-This Seahawks fan needs to get a life(